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“Korean Wave & Korean Pop”—the phenomenon of Korean entertainment and popular culture that is spreading over the world now.

How to make Japchae?

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What kind of Korean food do you like?

Try to make this today! Japchae;  sweet potato starch noodles stir-fried with roasted vegetables and meat. This is one of the best Korean dishes. Yummy!


How to make the Korean BBQ!

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The mission at KWave KPop is to curate, promote, and help our audience discover Korean culture, music, food, heritage, and history.

Let’s learn how to make the Korean BBQ!

Korean BBQ-Style Beef (Bulgogi)FULL RECIPE:

Posted by Proper Tasty on Friday, November 24, 2017

How can Koreans all be singers?

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Perhaps there are no people in the world as sensitive as Koreans. And these people like singing and crying easily. Many people in Korea go to karaoke after eating food and drinking alcohol in the evening. They are used to going to restaurants, even on weekdays. People are surprised that most Koreans not only enjoy singing but also are also good at it. From this point of view, you can see how natural it is for K-Pop to be popular in the world.

Watch the BTS’ interview with Ellen;

What is Korean Food?

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There are lots of delicious foods in Korean culture. Well, you can say Korean have a kind of obsession with eating. If you go to Korea, you can drink beer and eat ramen, sushi and many snacks at convenience stores. Korean fried chicken is also famous in other parts of Asia. Even after most Koreans have played soccer, right away they have fried chicken and beer.

Also, there are so many cafes in Korea. One U.S. ambassador to South Korea said you’re not very clever if you visit the same restaurant twice when you’re in Korea.

 Watch the video;

What is Kwave Kpop?

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What is Kwave Kpop?

The mission at KWave KPop is to curate, promote, and help our audience discover Korean culture, music, food, heritage, and history. We aim to establish a space where Korean culture enthusiasts and curious readers can explore and discuss topics that range anywhere from the lyrical significance of the latest KPop hit to the cultural nuances that drove the country to oust and imprison the former president Park Geun-Hye. Our passion is understanding Korea’s cultural uniqueness – we strongly believe that a cross-cultural understanding that embraces and celebrates uniqueness can empower all people to coexist peacefully – and that’s what we’re all about!

Do you know, “CL” who sang at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games closing ceremony?

Here is the CL’s Interview.

Why do Koreans like to eat so much?

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Why do Koreans like to eat so much?

Korean Wave does not mean only K-Pop. Korean Food is an important part. Why? Koreans themselves think the food is very important and it is the core of their lives. All aspects of Korean culture are related to eating food. In K-drama, eating food is a big part of the movie. Many foreign fans of Korean Wave have asked why all Korean movies have so many scenes where eating is part of the drama. Eating food means sharing love and friendship, and doing business in Korea. In Korea, to say “hello” you ask, “Did you have a meal?”

Listen to this music by “Miss A”.


Listen to this song by BTS called “Spring Day”:

Korean girls are very pretty

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Korean girls are very pretty

According to the K-Pop story, Huns are characterized by having no civilization. So, nowadays there are few nations founded by Huns, and these nations are only a little bit modern and are still developing. When they are attacked, they cannot defend themselves because their nationhood is already so fragile. Koreans have never attacked another country; instead, it was always Korea that was attacked. It is interesting to read the K-Pop story and think about this.

Also, Korean consumers have a reputation of being pickier than in other countries. Korean cosmetics companies have survived difficulties for this reason. These hardships made them create good quality products, so the many Korean girls who use these products are pretty. And Korean cosmetic corporations are more competitive than in other countries. That’s why the Korean fashion industry is strong in Asia.

Listen to this song, “Donde Voy”:

The singer in the video is a Korean-American singer. Her name is Ailee. She was born in 1989 in Colorado, in the USA, and grew up in New Jersey. Since childhood, she has been trying to become a singer. She made her debut in Korea as a singer in 2012. Like Ailee, many K-Pop stars are foreign-born and came from many other countries, such as Thailand, China, Japan, and Taiwan, the USA and Canada etc. So K-Pop is already “global.” Listen now to “Ailee Turkey”