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How to make the Korean BBQ!

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The mission at KWave KPop is to curate, promote, and help our audience discover Korean culture, music, food, heritage, and history.

Let’s learn how to make the Korean BBQ!

Korean BBQ-Style Beef (Bulgogi)FULL RECIPE:

Posted by Proper Tasty on Friday, November 24, 2017

How can Koreans all be singers?

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Perhaps there are no people in the world as sensitive as Koreans. And these people like singing and crying easily. Many people in Korea go to karaoke after eating food and drinking alcohol in the evening. They are used to going to restaurants, even on weekdays. People are surprised that most Koreans not only enjoy singing but also are also good at it. From this point of view, you can see how natural it is for K-Pop to be popular in the world.

Watch the BTS’ interview with Ellen;

What is Korean Food?

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There are lots of delicious foods in Korean culture. Well, you can say Korean have a kind of obsession with eating. If you go to Korea, you can drink beer and eat ramen, sushi and many snacks at convenience stores. Korean fried chicken is also famous in other parts of Asia. Even after most Koreans have played soccer, right away they have fried chicken and beer.

Also, there are so many cafes in Korea. One U.S. ambassador to South Korea said you’re not very clever if you visit the same restaurant twice when you’re in Korea.

 Watch the video;