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Bluffing is very Korean

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Bluffing is very Korean

I will talk about the continuity of Korean culture; I told you that Koreans came from Huns. And because they lived in a very cold region, they had to make quick decisions. Otherwise, they would have frozen to death. So according to the K-Pop story, it is said that Koreans are well adapted for a constantly harsh environment better than any other people in the world. According to K-Pop story, ironically, the harsh environment developed their brains but didn’t help them develop a civilization. So they fight each other all the time. Even now, there are so many demonstrations in the streets. That is Korean culture.

Listen to this music, “Destiny”:

How can we distinguish Koreans from other people?

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How can we distinguish Koreans from other people? With K-Pop!

One way to easily distinguish Koreans from other people is by their bluffing. The Chinese are obsessed with keeping face, and the Japanese are exclusive and keep out foreigners, but the character of the Korean people is to bluff. You might know about the Korean Air executive “nut rage” incident; it was well known to the world, and several worse incidents like this have occurred since it happened. This will show you how obsessed the Koreans are with bluffing.

 A good example of Korean bluffing is K-Pop style—K-Pop for Korean popular culture. One really good example of K-Pop is a girl group named T-ara. They express Korean contemporary culture really well. They debuted in 2009 and soon they made all of Asia their own. They were so successful because they really followed K-Pop style. Bragging is a big part of this style. You can listen to and enjoy this music at YouTube:

The group acts very sexy or pure, even though their voices aren’t that good. But this girl group is already hugely successful and has created a legend. There might never again be a band as great as T-ara

You can listen to more of their music:

In this video, you see how popular these girls are in Japan. Many Japanese fans are awaiting the group’s new music in 2017.

“Korean Wave” vs. sources of Korean culture

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“Korean Wave” vs. sources of Korean culture

I will now introduce the history of Korean culture and how it influenced the “Korean Wave” or Hallyu. Hallyu is the term the Chinese use for the “Korean Wave”—the phenomenon of Korean entertainment and popular culture that is spreading over the world. According to the K-Pop story, Korean culture is rooted in the culture of the Huns. It was said that the Huns lived near Lake Baikal in Siberia, close to Mongolia, so sources of Korean culture can be traced back to Mongolia. Today, a lot of Mongolian people come to Korea. Mongolians, rather than other Asian workers, do most of the service jobs in Korea. It’s difficult to tell if someone is Mongolian when they are among Koreans; and a funny thing is that even Koreans can’t easily distinguish between Koreans and Mongolians. Many Koreans can recognize Japanese more easily than they can Mongolians. This shows us Koreans came from the Huns, and it helps us understand Korean culture. It’s cold in Mongolia. The ancestors of Koreans came from these cold regions, so nowadays Koreans still live with their mouths saying “Hurry! Hurry!” every second.

Listen to “Wrongful Encounter”:

Koreans like to sing with concert singers. They want to be one with the concert singer. This singer, Kim Gun Mo, became one of the most popular singers in Korea since he released “Wrongful Encounter” in 1995. The lyrics of this song tell how a boy introduced his girlfriend to his friend without thinking anything about it, but then his girlfriend left him for his friend. It is a sad song. But this song is loved in Korea even 20 years later. The main character of the song seems to be a kind of nerd. He does not understand girls.

Now you’ll hear “Long Time Ago the Man”:

What is the K-Pop story?

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What is the K-Pop story?

In order for you to enjoy K-Pop, you need to know the K-Pop story, which tells about Korean culture. What are the currents that run through Korean culture? According to the K-Pop story, most Koreans don’t know what these currents are either. According to the K-Pop story, Korean culture is “what Koreans say, how Koreans act, how Koreans think.” The K-Pop story describes Korean culture, where they came from, who they are, what they do. Koreans have one of the highest literacy rates in the world, and one of the highest levels of education. But one fault Koreans have is they fight between themselves. And it is very hard to understand why they fight all day long, even every second.

Now listen to this: “To J”:

Most Koreans can’t explain much about K-Pop if they are asked about it. They usually say K-Pop is the music of Korean singers, like in other countries. If you listen to these people, you might think that K-Pop is nothing special and feel a little disappointed as a fan of K-Pop.

Many young people were enthusiastic about Psy’s “Gangnam Style” when it came out because it mocked the Korean tradition of bragging. Now let’s listen to “Gangnam Style”.

But after Psy released “Hangover” in June 2014, many of his fans turned their backs on him, and many people were not interested in his music in America. What happened? People want to buy what they are used to. K-Pop is same thing. People like the style they expect from K-Pop, a style that includes Korean culture or Korean style. They don’t like K-Pop that imitates Hip-Hop.


Why is K-Pop popular with young people?

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Why is K-Pop popular with young people?

Hello, today I’m going to answer the question, “What is K-Pop?” K-Pop is popular not only in Asia, but also in South America and the Middle East, because it has qualities that make it more popular than pop music from other countries. K-Pop videos are well made, and the rhythms, fast tempo and intensity of K-Pop music are exciting and appeal to young people.

First, I would like to introduce you to the music of Psy who made K-Pop explode on the world stage. Let’s listen to Psy’s music, and then I will tell you more about him.

This is Psy’s “It’s Art,” from YouTube:

The story is that Psy was somewhat uncomfortable about calling himself the top singer in Korea until “Gangnam Style” became popular. Before “Gangnam Style”, Psy had been popular with young Koreans as a concert singer. It is widely known that he was in the Korean army twice. He came from a relatively comfortable family and attended a music school in the United States. But he did not finish school; his dad refused to help Psy when he was a senior, because Psy didn’t obey him. Psy had to go back to Korea before he finished school.

The music we will introduce now is “Entertainer”:

This song tells how, if a boyfriend is an entertainer only for his girlfriend, he can make her happy forever. The song says, There are melody, comedy, action, and more on screen, you can choose one of them/ I will always make you happy.

That’s it for now, so listen to this song, “ Shake It”: