What is Kwave Kpop?

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What is Kwave Kpop?

The mission at KWave KPop is to curate, promote, and help our audience discover Korean culture, music, food, heritage, and history. We aim to establish a space where Korean culture enthusiasts and curious readers can explore and discuss topics that range anywhere from the lyrical significance of the latest KPop hit to the cultural nuances that drove the country to oust and imprison the former president Park Geun-Hye. Our passion is understanding Korea’s cultural uniqueness – we strongly believe that a cross-cultural understanding that embraces and celebrates uniqueness can empower all people to coexist peacefully – and that’s what we’re all about!

Do you know, “CL” who sang at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games closing ceremony?

Here is the CL’s Interview.

Why do Koreans like to eat so much?

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Why do Koreans like to eat so much?

Korean Wave does not mean only K-Pop. Korean Food is an important part. Why? Koreans themselves think the food is very important and it is the core of their lives. All aspects of Korean culture are related to eating food. In K-drama, eating food is a big part of the movie. Many foreign fans of Korean Wave have asked why all Korean movies have so many scenes where eating is part of the drama. Eating food means sharing love and friendship, and doing business in Korea. In Korea, to say “hello” you ask, “Did you have a meal?”

Listen to this music by “Miss A”.


Listen to this song by BTS called “Spring Day”: