How can we distinguish Koreans from other people?

By August 25, 2017Culture, Music

How can we distinguish Koreans from other people? With K-Pop!

One way to easily distinguish Koreans from other people is by their bluffing. The Chinese are obsessed with keeping face, and the Japanese are exclusive and keep out foreigners, but the character of the Korean people is to bluff. You might know about the Korean Air executive “nut rage” incident; it was well known to the world, and several worse incidents like this have occurred since it happened. This will show you how obsessed the Koreans are with bluffing.

 A good example of Korean bluffing is K-Pop style—K-Pop for Korean popular culture. One really good example of K-Pop is a girl group named T-ara. They express Korean contemporary culture really well. They debuted in 2009 and soon they made all of Asia their own. They were so successful because they really followed K-Pop style. Bragging is a big part of this style. You can listen to and enjoy this music at YouTube:

The group acts very sexy or pure, even though their voices aren’t that good. But this girl group is already hugely successful and has created a legend. There might never again be a band as great as T-ara

You can listen to more of their music:

In this video, you see how popular these girls are in Japan. Many Japanese fans are awaiting the group’s new music in 2017.

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