Korean girls are very pretty

By August 27, 2017Cosmetics, Culture, History

Korean girls are very pretty

According to the K-Pop story, Huns are characterized by having no civilization. So, nowadays there are few nations founded by Huns, and these nations are only a little bit modern and are still developing. When they are attacked, they cannot defend themselves because their nationhood is already so fragile. Koreans have never attacked another country; instead, it was always Korea that was attacked. It is interesting to read the K-Pop story and think about this.

Also, Korean consumers have a reputation of being pickier than in other countries. Korean cosmetics companies have survived difficulties for this reason. These hardships made them create good quality products, so the many Korean girls who use these products are pretty. And Korean cosmetic corporations are more competitive than in other countries. That’s why the Korean fashion industry is strong in Asia.

Listen to this song, “Donde Voy”:

The singer in the video is a Korean-American singer. Her name is Ailee. She was born in 1989 in Colorado, in the USA, and grew up in New Jersey. Since childhood, she has been trying to become a singer. She made her debut in Korea as a singer in 2012. Like Ailee, many K-Pop stars are foreign-born and came from many other countries, such as Thailand, China, Japan, and Taiwan, the USA and Canada etc. So K-Pop is already “global.” Listen now to “Ailee Turkey”

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