What is the K-Pop story?

By August 24, 2017Culture, History, Music

What is the K-Pop story?

In order for you to enjoy K-Pop, you need to know the K-Pop story, which tells about Korean culture. What are the currents that run through Korean culture? According to the K-Pop story, most Koreans don’t know what these currents are either. According to the K-Pop story, Korean culture is “what Koreans say, how Koreans act, how Koreans think.” The K-Pop story describes Korean culture, where they came from, who they are, what they do. Koreans have one of the highest literacy rates in the world, and one of the highest levels of education. But one fault Koreans have is they fight between themselves. And it is very hard to understand why they fight all day long, even every second.

Now listen to this: “To J”:

Most Koreans can’t explain much about K-Pop if they are asked about it. They usually say K-Pop is the music of Korean singers, like in other countries. If you listen to these people, you might think that K-Pop is nothing special and feel a little disappointed as a fan of K-Pop.

Many young people were enthusiastic about Psy’s “Gangnam Style” when it came out because it mocked the Korean tradition of bragging. Now let’s listen to “Gangnam Style”.

But after Psy released “Hangover” in June 2014, many of his fans turned their backs on him, and many people were not interested in his music in America. What happened? People want to buy what they are used to. K-Pop is same thing. People like the style they expect from K-Pop, a style that includes Korean culture or Korean style. They don’t like K-Pop that imitates Hip-Hop.


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