Why is K-Pop popular with young people?

By August 23, 2017Music

Why is K-Pop popular with young people?

Hello, today I’m going to answer the question, “What is K-Pop?” K-Pop is popular not only in Asia, but also in South America and the Middle East, because it has qualities that make it more popular than pop music from other countries. K-Pop videos are well made, and the rhythms, fast tempo and intensity of K-Pop music are exciting and appeal to young people.

First, I would like to introduce you to the music of Psy who made K-Pop explode on the world stage. Let’s listen to Psy’s music, and then I will tell you more about him.

This is Psy’s “It’s Art,” from YouTube:

The story is that Psy was somewhat uncomfortable about calling himself the top singer in Korea until “Gangnam Style” became popular. Before “Gangnam Style”, Psy had been popular with young Koreans as a concert singer. It is widely known that he was in the Korean army twice. He came from a relatively comfortable family and attended a music school in the United States. But he did not finish school; his dad refused to help Psy when he was a senior, because Psy didn’t obey him. Psy had to go back to Korea before he finished school.

The music we will introduce now is “Entertainer”:

This song tells how, if a boyfriend is an entertainer only for his girlfriend, he can make her happy forever. The song says, There are melody, comedy, action, and more on screen, you can choose one of them/ I will always make you happy.

That’s it for now, so listen to this song, “ Shake It”:

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